2019 Conference Themes

With a 2019 conference theme of ‘An Industry in Transition’, delegates had the opportunity to hear industry leaders and keynote speakers reflect on the people, business processes and diversification opportunities needed to unlock growth as the sector continues to emerge from one of the toughest downturns in its history.

  • Energy transition – the transition towards a lower carbon energy mix driven by global and national commitments and the part our industry can and should play in enabling this, balancing the needs of security of supply, access to energy and its affordability. Public attitudes to energy and how they will evolve will also be key.
  • Business transition – how our industry in the UK can continue to drive its competitiveness to ensure its sustainability in the longer term, extending the productive life of the basin while maintaining a strong domestic market from which companies can compete for a greater share of global markets.
  • People transition – how our industry must evolve the way it engages with our workforce to develop the skills that will enable us to adopt new technology, encouraging talent for our traditional activity as well as supporting other energy sources.