Emeka Emembolu

In the lead up to this year’s conference we caught up with some of our speakers to get their views on some of the most pressing topics affecting our sector. Discover what Emeka Emembolu, Senior Vice President, North Sea, bp said in response to our questions.


Q – As COP26 approaches, how does the UK offshore sector’s energy history prepare it for the country’s low-carbon future?

The North Sea has always been a frontier basin, leading the way on safety, skills and technology and exporting these around the world. It should be no different with the energy transition. We have the people, expertise and drive to help make the country’s low carbon future a reality.


Q – What is bp doing in that space?

As we transform to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner, so too must our oil and gas operations. In the North Sea we’re working hard to make our business the safest, most efficient and most sustainable, deploying the latest technologies to reduce emissions offshore.

In 2021 alone, bp is on track to remove 70,000 tonnes of carbon from our North Sea operations, while also exploring game-changing interventions like electrifying platforms using clean energy from shore and expanding our use of technology to eradicate routine flaring.

We’re also rapidly building low carbon businesses across the UK leading the country’s largest offshore subsea carbon capture project (Northern Endurance Partnership), pursuing offshore wind opportunities through the UK Round 4 and ScotWind lease rounds and massively expanding our electric vehicle charging network.

Q- Why are industry events like the OGUK Conference important to you?

The energy transition will take collaboration like we’ve never seen before. That will be collaboration between industry, Government, regulators and, increasingly, with the more challenging voices. Events like the OGUK Conference keep those lines of collaboration open, enabling constructive dialogue with a wide-range of stakeholders that can help move our collective ambition forward. It is also motivating for our teams to see the good work that they are doing be shared broadly.


Emeka Emembolu will join the panel on 1 June aat 10 am in a session entitled ‘Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry‘.