Our 2019 conference comprises of both plenary and breakout sessions, allowing delegates to tailor their own unque conference programmes to their specific areas of interest or speciality.

Each of our conference themes will be addressed in three short focus sessions, each chaired by industry leaders from the OGUK membership, trade associations or regulatory bodies.

Business Transition

4 June, 1.30 pm – Chaired by Ariel Flores, BP

4 June, 2.45 pm – The Next Efficiency Frontier
Chaired by Dave Stewart, Wood

5 June, 10.50 am – Delivering the Next 50% Efficiency Improvements (How do we do it?)
Chaired by John Pearson, Petrofac

Energy Transition

4 June, 1.30 pm – Transformational Technologies
Chaired by Colette Cohen, OGTC

4 June, 2.45 pm – Vision 2035
Chaired by Carlo Procaccini, Oil and Gas Authority

5 June, 10.50 am – Decommissioning / Diversification
Chaired by Roger Esson, OGTC

People Transition

4 June, 1.30 pm – Oil and Gas UKCS Skills
Chaired by John McDonald, OPITO

4 June, 2.45 pm – Workforce Engagement and Culture

5 June, 10.50 am – Diversity and Inclusion