Our sincere thanks to the following organisations for their support of the OGUK Industry Conference 2021.

Principal Sponsor

Flare Solutions Limited

Flare’s consultancy, services and technology deliver Intelligent Search and Information Management solutions to oil, gas and renewable-energy companies, regulators and governments.  As the industry transitions, Intelligent Search has never been so important.

Flare’s approach to consultancy and services is based on considerable experience delivering effective solutions to the industry.  Flare’s graph-based Insight Engine, Sirus, delivers out-of-the-box Intelligent Search functionality or can augment and enhance ongoing AI/ML initiatives.

Flare’s principal offerings are:

  • Consultancy & Services

Flare’s team has extensive domain experience and delivers digital transformation through IM frameworks, business process optimisation, governance strategies, regulatory compliance solution design and knowledge management programmes.  Support services turn consultancy into reality through project management, change management, data and information remediation and technical support.

  • Sirus – The Insight Engine delivering Intelligent Search

Flare’s Sirus Insight Engine is a complete framework that enables an organisation to deliver Intelligent Search by integrating Artificial Intelligence with conventional enterprise search capabilities.  The Sirus connectors ingest vast amounts of multi-siloed data and information, while the Semantic Layer of taxonomies, ontologies, aliases, synonyms and language processors populate the index with meaningful, standard descriptions of the ingested content.  The Intelligent Search interprets the query and delivers ranked results.

The outcome is data and information that are managed effectively and can be found when needed.

Flare Solutions ― pioneering Intelligent Search for the Energy Industry.



1 June – Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry
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OPEX Group is a leading provider of AI solutions to the oil, gas and energy industries.

emissions.AI is a cloud-based AI solution for complex assets to monitor, reduce and control operational emissions and associated costs.  It allows companies to operate their assets with the lowest achievable emissions, every minute, every hour, every day.



2 June – Decarbonising the UK Economy
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3 June – Building a 21st Century Energy Industry
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ASCO is the leading materials management and logistics company for the global energy industry. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, ASCO operates from over 70 locations worldwide and employs c.1,300 people.

As the essential partner for global energy materials and logistics management, ASCO works with the world’s largest operators to deliver safety and service excellence while sustainably managing our business, protecting the planet for the next generation.

ASCO offers a fully integrated logistics and materials management service, supporting projects in Oil & Gas, decommissioning, and new energy sectors. ASCO’s safe, lean, efficient and sustainable end-to-end solutions include supply base management, materials and warehouse management, environmental services management, training, lifting and assurance, personnel provision, fuel services and marine, transport, freight and logistics management.

Digitalisation and modernisation are at the heart of operations at ASCO. The Group’s innovative processes and systems means the company is at the forefront of driving supply chain efficiency, providing full transparency of the entire logistics process from vendors to end users.

With over 50+ years of oil and gas knowledge, ASCO’s experience and capability helps our customers by transforming operational efficiency and improving processes.

To find out more, visit: www.ascoworld.com